Residential Roofing Specialist Since 1976

At Dowden Roofing, we are committed to providing property owners the best service possible by taking a hands on approach. We strive to provide excellent service in all areas and always ensure our customers’ satisfaction. Our customers receive peace of mind once they see their finished project, knowing that it will give them years of trouble-free service.

Whether we are repairing an existing roof or installing a new one, we only use quality materials. However, having a roof you can trust depends on more than just the materials used. Quality materials alone do not guarantee a long-performing roof. You also need to have quality workmanship from the roofers you choose. With Dowden Roofing, you’ll always get that. The owner, David Dowden, takes a very hands-on approach to every project they complete, overseeing every step and checking every detail.

There are often misconceptions when it comes to roofing and roofing companies. The top misconception in each of these categories is that if a roof is damaged, it has to be replaced, and the bigger the roofing company, the more you can trust them. By definition of misconception, these are both false.

Just because a roof has damage, even if it has a lot of damage, it doesn’t necessarily need to be replaced. New products and the expertise of the roofers at Dowden Roofing offer the ability to repair instead of replace. As for the size of the business, we believe that by keeping our company small, we can stay dedicated to the things that matter the most – a strong work ethic; dependable, trusted service; and complete customer satisfaction.

At Dowden Roofing, our customers are more than just a number and a check.